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Jessica Alba Sin City 2 Workout - Still Has A Body To Fight For

Jessica Alba Sin City 2
Jessica Alba in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
For many of the films she appeared in, Jessica Alba has been showing a lot of her body.  Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is no exception, because Jessica Alba plays an exotic dancer in the movie. This makes one wonder what is Jessica Alba's Sin City Workout? What  kind of workout routine did Jessica go through, to not only be in tip top shape, but also be a good dancer for her role? 

Jessica Alba Sin City Workout
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Jessica Alba Sin City 2 Workout Routine

Alba worked with Jennifer "JJ Dancer" Johnson a dance instructor. The instructor choreographed Alba's dance sequences in the movie and helped her up the film's sensuality. Jessica Alba's Sin City workout was primarily focused on preparing her for the dance scenes. However, dancing is a very effective form of exercise for burning calories and toning up.

Jessica Alba Sin City 2 Workout
Jessica Alba in Sin City 2
Therefore it's no doubt that the dance moves helped Jessica Alba look her best. Here's what the instructor said about the Sin City Workout.

Jessica Alba Sin City Releases 2014
Jessica Alba
"We just started to move to the music, and we were getting her used to the sensuality and moving around in heels in the beginning," says Johnson of their studio training sessions, which would last anywhere from two to five hours. "Then we started choreographing routines on her body. She would bring songs, I would bring songs – some were rock, some were sad, some were edgy, but they were all sexy."

Jessica Alba Workout Routine
Jessica Alba

"She would just follow my body," says Johnson. "I'd have her winding, grinding and moving. We would grab the wall, I'd have her crawling, arching, humping. It got real up in there!" But there's much more to it than just following the moves. "She just got the heels – she would wear clothes that showed her body  and made her feel sexy. We went there!"

Jessica Alba Workout
Jessica Alba Workout

Jessica Alba Sin City: A Dame To Kill For