Saturday, 6 September 2014

Laura Dundovic Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Laura Dundovic is an Australian beauty pageant who won Miss Universe Australia 2008, and represented Australia in the Miss Universe 2008 competition in which she placed in the top ten.

Laura has a body that is in fantastic shape, and usually shows off a nicely toned stomach in her photos. This causes many people who know her to be curious of Laura Dundovic's Workout Routine and diet plan.

She's been training under fitness guru Alexa Towersey rece, who is one of Australia's most famous personal trainers. Laura Dundovic appears to be benefiting a lot from her guidance very well.

"For these girls I encourage them to be active on a daily basis. For them and their careers, it’s about good posture and good core control for long lean proportions while still maintaining curves," she said about working with models like Laura Dundovic.

Laura Dundovic Workout Routine

The following is the information that Laura Dundovic gave out about her workout and diet plan that I collected from different credible websites.

  • She tries to do something different every day. She said when it's mix up, she find the workout more interesting.
  • She runs 5km twice a week. Laura Dundovic says it clears her head, but we know that running is also god cardio.
  • She incorporates interval training in her workout. She says it makes a huge difference in her fitness levels. 

  • Laura Dundovic herself highlighted the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) to the The Daily Mail. "It burns more fat and preserves muscle, is better for your heart and increases the production of Human Growth Hormone by up to 450% up to 24 hours after your session!' Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is a hormone heavily essential to both fat loss and muscle building."

  • She does weight training sessions at the gym; "I feel most comfortable with my body when I've been doing weights and I've always thought it's more important to be toned than skinny, she said."

Laura Dundovic Diet Plan

  • For breakfast Laura has a bowl of yogurt with nuts and honey. That fills her up until lunch.
  • For lunch she'll have a poached-chicken salad.

  • By mid-afternoon, Laura will be hungry again so she makes a cacao powder and raspberry smoothie I'm a chocolate addict and that seems to tackle the craving.
  • She eat out a lot for work so when at home, she cooks something healthy, like a veggie stir-fry.
  • After dinner, it's a sugar-free chocolate bar for her sugar craving.