Friday, 1 April 2016

Perfect Body Shape For Men

The perfect body shape for men is really based on people's perception that could be influenced by different factors. However, through the last century and a half society has seen a certain male body shape being held as most admirable over other types of male builds. Interestingly, the ideal body shape for men has changed over the years as a result of changes in culture and trends.

Today, the lean athletic physique that looks fit but not bodybuilder big is held as the most popular male body shape. There have been numerous surveys and studies conducted with men and women that reached this conclusion. However, if you simply observe the male celebrities and other men that women look at as sex symbols you'll see it's always guys that are in good shape but not overly muscular.

Changes Over The Years In What Was Held As The Perfect Body

Artist Nickolay Lamm showed that in in the late 19th century, the Dad-bod was the perfect body for men. "Having a large waist and chubby cheeks was a sign of wealth and social class". According to Lamm "before everyone had easy access to food, obesity represented wealth".

By the 1930s Hollywood actors like Cary Grant created the slim ideal. In the 80s when bodybuilding became a mainstream activity, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the big action star, many guys wanted to get as big as possible. But in the late 90s the ideal shape changed to the lean toned body which continues to this day.

How The Trend Of Today's Perfect Male Body Shape Started

1999, the Year Fight Club Came Out, was the end of the bodybuilder look. when Fight Club came out, Brad Pitt showed the world that being slim and muscular was more attractive than being huge and bulky. The ladies preferred this look and it stays to this day in which most actors who are getting in shape for movie roles are striving for this look.

For years, during the big muscle era, women kept trying to tell guys that they were more interested in muscle definition and not into massive muscle size.

If you want to get the perfect body shape for men you have to learn how to build muscle and lose fat to look attractive, I recommend avoiding "excessive" muscle mass. You know, getting so big that you can't wear normal clothes. Even if you need some size, there are fitness programs such as "Visual Impact Muscle Building" that guides you to create a slightly fuller look without looking like a "bloated and puffy" gym rat.

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