Thursday, 17 July 2014

How To Build A Muscular Body To Attract Women

Guys With Muscular Body Holding Up Girl

Getting a fit and muscular body is not just about getting females to drool over you. There are lots of health benefits that can be derived from building muscle mass and getting lean. Plus, it's just a really motivating experience to be living with a body that looks ripped and stunning.

However, in today's society it's much easier to get women's attention when a guy possess some sort of visually appealing attribute. Studies have shown that men's muscles attract women, but if a guy's muscles doesn't look right on his body, he may not be able to attract the ladies with his physique.

Wouldn't all muscular body types look attractive to women? some people may ask. 

The simple answer is no. Some guys gain muscle and instead of looking attractive to women they look repulsive.

Guys With Muscular Body Hugging Girl

Have you ever seen a bodybuilder dude that looks way overdone? I mean he has so much muscle mass he looks like he's about to burst anytime soon? Not only would women not dig this look, a guy with a bulky body like that would have a harder time finding normal clothes to fit him, and won't be able to play most type of sports effectively.

The type of muscular body that'll really have women digging you is the lean and muscular look. Think about male models body, that generally have average amounts of muscle and a very low body fat percentage.

Male models don't look huge and bulky like bodybuilders, they focus on looking lean and ripped which is really the stylish look that women love. You do not have to get massive muscles when growing muscle size, you can look a bit slim and still be ripped.

fitness model muscular body

Most of the hollywood actors that women drool over have lean athletic physiques, or at least they workout to get this look to act in films. Check out actors such as Daniel Craig, Matthew McConaughey, Taylor Lautner and Brad Pitt. These guys never look overly muscular, and women go crazy over their appearance.

On the other hand you don't hear the names of many professional bodybuilders being mentioned as male sex symbols.

Young Bodybuilder Muscular Body

The best way to get a lean and muscular body to look attractive is to avoid going overboard with muscle gains, as well as knowing how to train for muscle definition when you reach the point where you possess the right amount of muscle mass. Fitness trainer and author Rusty Moore is sharply focus on helping guys build their body to get a lean and muscular body that looks attractive.

He is very knowledgeable about the strategy that needs to be followed to gain a lean and muscular physique that will impress women.

Rusty who created a muscle building system for guys who want to workout to get an attractive body, believes the huge bodybuilder type physique is not the body type guys should aim for if they intend to look impressive. He contends that women are repulsed by overly muscular men and they tend to drool over the slim and muscular body type which he calls the 'lean Hollywood look'