Thursday, 28 July 2016

Beginner Calisthenics Workout Program To Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Learn more about the beginner calisthenics workout program that you can use to build muscle and lose fat.

If you want to get a good body, but don't have a gym membership or you don't like being in gym environment, there is a good solution for people like you. Luckily, you can burn fat, build muscle, and get a great workout with calisthenics which involves using just your body weight to perform the exercises. Calisthenics workouts can be used for both burning fat and building muscle because it allows you to perform a wide variety of resistance and cardio exercises to get tremendous results once performed properly.

The Benefits Of Calisthenics Training 

Calisthenics is an efficient, fun and cheap way to exercise get a great body. Apart from fat loss and muscle building, the workouts can help increase endurance, improve flexibility and optimize cardiovascular health. It's easy to customize your workout program for your individual needs to achieve your specific goals. For example, if your goal is both losing fat and building muscle you can structure your workouts as circuits to achieve this. If you goal is burning fat, you can design your workouts with more cardio-based exercises. And when you want to build muscle there are lots of resistance exercises with progressive variations that you can use to create a good resistance training program to add mass.

The fact that calisthenics doesn't require any equipment except a bar for pullups and dips means that you can workout anywhere and you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money.

The Beginner Calisthenics Workout Program

This is a basic calisthenics workout plan for beginners. It is a full body routine that includes the basic calisthenics exercises that all beginners should start with: squat, dips, pullups and pushups. In this workout, the focus is on getting your body used to the basic calisthenics exercises. By doing a full body routine you hit all the muscles. You will build a foundation for strength and learn the essential bodyweight exercises to help you progress effectively into more advanced movements.

This calisthenics workout is a circuit routine, whereby you’ll do the exercises in succession with a 1 minute rest between exercises. Once you’ve finished all exercises in the circuit, you do it again. Aim for 3 cycles maximum. If you’re still able after the 2nd cycle is through, go for a third.

You'll perform this routine 3 times a week, allowing 1 day for rest after each workout session. As you may know you must give the muscles time to rest properly after working them so that they can recover and grow stronger.

Here is the workout program:

3 Chinups
30 Sec wall seat
12 Dips on chair
8 Squats
8 Pushups
2 Pullups
3 Leg raises
7 Decline pushups

Making Progress

If you want run of the mill results, then the basic calisthenics exercises is all you need do, but
if you want to get the absolute most out of your calisthenics workout, it's necessary to go deeper into the variations of the exercises to get maximum results. This beginner calisthenics workout program simply gives you a full body routine with the basic exercises that would prime your body for the advanced exercises.

As you know working out alone would not get you results, you need to make sure you’re following a good diet plan along with your workout program. The key is to get a good balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat in your diet. If you are serious about using calisthenics to lose fat and build muscle, I recommend checking the Bar Brothers 12 week calisthenics system. It's a full program that provides you with everything you need to know to get in shape with calisthenics.